Accessing the Event Hub

Once I’ve registered, how do I get into the event?

Go to – you will utilize the email with which you registered to gain entrance into the event.

What do I need to login?

The email address you used for registration is your event credential. Simply click on the “Enter” button on the main entry page, type in your email address, first and last name and you will be admitted to the event.

What if I enter the wrong email address?

If you attempt to enter the event using an email address other than what you used during registration, the system will prompt you to instead enter the confirmation number you received when you completed your registration.

What if I don’t remember the email address I used and don’t have my confirmation number?

You only need one, either your email address OR your confirmation number. If you don’t have either, you can always contact us at or by phone at 858-622-9046 and one of our helpful team members will assist you.

I already registered for the event. When can I log in to the Hub to access all of the great content?

For all attendees who register in advance, we will be distributing log-in instructions and information about how to make the most of your experience on Tuesday, September 22nd, with reminders on Wednesday, September 23rd and lastly on Thursday, September 24th.  You will receive this at the email you used during event registration.

What if I register once the event is taking place on September 24th or thereafter – will I still be able to log in to participate in the event?

Once our event is taking place, you can still register and attend. While you will receive your log-in instructions immediately, expect a one hour processing time between when you register and when your credentials are active in the Hub. There will be a delay as the information syncs. Please register in advance of the event.

What if I am not registered?

If you are not registered for the event, you will still be able to view the agenda and speakers. However, you will not be able to access any of the content or other benefits of registration

Do I need special software to view the event?

No. The site is accessible via web and is optimized for Chrome web browser. You can also view via Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Please make sure your browser is updated and your settings allow for cookies.

Does the event use Zoom or any other tool I have to download?

No. The event Hub does not use Zoom. The streaming content is viewable via cloud-based software and does not require access to Zoom or other native streaming service downloads.

Do I need internet access to log into the Hub?

Yes. For best experience, you should view via desktop and most home wifi plans will support a great online experience.

Mobile App

Is there also an event app?

Yes! The mobile app is a companion to your desktop experience. We highly recommend you download the app to leverage all of the great engagement benefits including networking, and the event game.

Can I watch sessions from within the app?

Our sessions are configured to best broadcast via the desktop Hub. The production quality is very high so we would recommend you participate from a screen larger than that of a cell phone.

What features should I look for on the app?

Attendee networking is a great feature to make use of on the app. You can connect with other attendees from around the country and make the most of your event experience.

Also look out for push notifications that will remind you of sessions you don’t want to miss.

Overall Event Experience

How are the sessions different from the Zoom calls I attend at other virtual events?

Our event is akin to a live interactive broadcast experience. This means you’ll be engaged with content that is more like a TV experience, with high production value, great graphics and that also allows you as the viewer an opportunity to ask questions and participate in the chat.

What if I miss the live broadcast of a session?

We encourage you to participate in the live broadcast as this is the best way you can engage with other attendees during the sessions. If you simply can’t make a particular segment, all sessions will be available for on-demand viewing following the live broadcast. As a registered attendee, you will have an opportunity to view on-demand sessions for up to one month following the event.

How can I engage with NAHREP Partners or Sponsors?

We’ve collaborated with our partners to bring you partner experience segments within the Hub. These offer an immersive opportunity to connect with a specific company and read about or view interesting content they have presented. The companies featured are important partners of NAHREP that have invested in the Latino business segment and which we encourage you take some time to learn more about.